Ida and Old Baldy's Seniors Theatre  


Senior’s Theatre groups provide opportunities to retain a balanced relationship between Arts and Healthy Living and while the specific activities of these groups are as varied as the faces that make them up, the intention is always the same—to laugh and have fun.

Shuswap Theatre

Seniors’ Theatre runs from September 22 to March, on Tuesday mornings from 9 to 11 at Shuswap Theatre with ASTRID VARNES as the facilitator and everybody else pitching in with exercises and activities.

Cedar Center

Seniors’ Theatre runs from October 6 through to March, on Tuesday afternoons from 1 to 3 at Cedar Centre. It is facilitated by Peter Blacklock with periodic assistance from SUSAN, ROSEMARY, MIKE and ALL of the other participants.

Come join us! You are never too late for Seniors’ Theatre.

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