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Senior’s Theatre is about stories, and experiences, and discussing, and learning, and most of all—it’s about having fun. The most fun you’ve ever had, standing up or sitting down.

What skills do you need? If you can laugh at yourself and share a story with others then you are more than qualified. Any other skills we will develop along the way.

Do you have to be a senior to be involved? No! Our whole intention is to be inclusive of the whole community and we want to interact with people of all ages.

Research into healthy aging shows what many have known intuitively for a long time — that being involved in creative activities keeps us healthy — and the almost almost 1000 registered Seniors’ Theatre Companies in North America are a great place to explore all kinds of creative opportunities. While the activities are not always the same, the intent is always to provide physical, intellectual and social stimulation while exploring the issues we all face on a daily basis.

That is the official story. The unofficial story is that Seniors’ Theatre is the best two hours of your week. We laugh, get teary, meet new people, solve all of the issues facing modern society, stretch our faces and our muscles, and come away with a passion to return.

Seniors Theatre runs from October to March, Tuesday mornings from 9 to 11 at Shuswap Theatre, Tuesday afternoons from 1 to 3 at Cedar Centre.

Come join us! You are never too late for Seniors’ Theatre.

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