Ida and Old Baldy's Seniors Theatre  


Ida and Old Baldy's Seniors Theatre Project was funded by
the Government of Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors Program
through a grant made available to Shuswap Theatre Society


Additional funding and/or inkind support provided by:
Peter Blacklock
Adria Interactive Multimedia
Shuswap Theatre
Sorrento Memorial Hall

Ida and Old Baldy’s Seniors’ Theatre was developed,
and facilitated, by Peter Blacklock.

The handbook — written by Peter Blacklock
Video and graphics — Joyce Sotski, Adria Interactive
Website — developed by Adria Interactive Multimedia

We would like thank all those who participated in the Seniors’ Theatre sessions for fearlessly allowing us to photograph and video tape them.

A special hats-off acknowledgement goes out to the
two mountains who have so graciously lent their names to the
Ida and Old Baldy’s Seniors Theatre Project.

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Ida & Old Baldy’s Seniors’ Theatre
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