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One-two-three: This is a physical/cognitive warmup exercise designed to test our focus and our ability to multi-task. Generally, these are also very challenging exercises and end up in a lot of laughter.

What are you doing: This is a physical/cognitive warmup exercise. Much like chewing gum and rubbing your tummy, these exercises are designed to test our focus and our ability to multi-task.

Reading: Reading aloud to children has always been recognized as an important part of literacy development, but we are enjoying the readings aloud by and to each other. Ida and Old Baldy’s has used poetry, script, monologue, famous opening lines of novels — you name it we have tried it.


Improv: Imagine there’s an envelope lying on a bench in a park somewhere in Ida and Old Baldy Land. The envelope is full of money. On the outside of the envelope are written these words, “To Jenny. From Santa.” What do you think happened to that envelope?

Readers Theatre: Readers theatre is minimal theatre — a joint dramatic reading in support of literature. It is usually performed with no memorization, no movement and a minimum of props. Unlike traditional theatre, the emphasis in on oral expression of the part rather than on acting and costumes.

Christmas Wishes: The Ida and Old Baldy seniors theatre players at Shuswap Theatre in Salmon Arm and the Memorial Hall in Sorrento shared their Christmas Wishes.

Christmas Monologues: Some of Ida and Old Baldy's and Cedar Heights seniors’ theatre participants prepared Christmas monologues. They were voiced on CKVS-FM 93.7 Voice of the Shuswap and for your listening pleasure we’ve included them on this website — just listen.

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